Standing Strong with Our Heroes!

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About Us

United by October 7, we are everyday people rallying for our brothers and sisters in Israel. From all corners of the globe, we’re sending essentials to the Israeli army. Started with basics, we’ve been blessed to enhance the comfort and safety of many soldiers through this miraculous endeavor.

This group was started by Dan to help his friend – ONE Soldier.

Today, we have over 500 people between English and Russian TANK INFANTRY WhatsApp groups, and we help over 800 soldiers:


Alex– Infantry Unit in Gaza

Yakov – Evacuating Unit in the north.

Shimon – Special Forces in Judea and Samaria

Mike – Snipers Unit in Judea and Samaria

Tolik – Palmar Medical Evacuation Unit in Gaza.

5th Brigade – Special Forces in Gaza

Igal – Golani Reservists in the North.

Mendi – Golani Reservists in Gaza

Yosef – Givati Reservists in Gaza.

Tal – Artillery Battalion in the North

How It Started

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For the Soldiers

Championing Our IDF Heroes: Your Shield in Times of Need! 

As defenders of our freedom, every IDF soldier deserves to feel valued and supported. We’re not just asking; we’re actively listening to each soldier’s needs. With a mission to provide, we rally funds and essentials, sending them directly to the IDF. No request is too grand for us. 

Our achievements? Over 500 sleeping bags, nourishing hot meals, ceramic plates, state-of-the-art tactical helmets and gear, flashlights, sturdy shoes, and protective goggles. If you’re an IDF soldier with a need, reach out. We’re here to turn your needs into reality. 

Together, we stand strong. 

Am Yisrael Chai!

Ongoing Campaigns:

Sleeping Bag Campaign

We began an inspiring campaign aimed at supporting one particular army unit that desperately needed sleeping bags. What happened next was truly remarkable! Our efforts expanded significantly, leading us to send over 500 sleeping bags to not just one, but three different locations in Israel. 

The demand for these warm sleeping bags continues, and we’ve made sure to include them in every shipment for the past month and a half. I encourage you to look at the attached photos showing the soldiers using the sleeping bags we sent and the process of shipping them from the USA to Israel. 

Additionally, please explore the IDF soldiers’ Amazon List for more essential items that the soldiers need, beyond sleeping bags. It’s incredibly moving to see the impact of our collective efforts and how we’re making a real difference in the lives of these soldiers.

Tactical Gear Support

In addition to other support, we have been actively providing a range of tactical gear to our forces in Israel. Our contributions include not just basic equipment, but a variety of specialized items as well. 

We’ve sent tactical goggles and helmets, ceramic vests, and other essential tactical gear like flashlights and scopes. We’ve also provided various attachments for the vests.

Each piece of equipment we send plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the soldiers on the ground. This diverse array of tactical items is vital for their missions and greatly enhances their capabilities.

Elderly Support

Another key focus of our efforts is a campaign dedicated to assisting elderly individuals impacted by the ongoing war. 

We understand the unique challenges they face during these difficult times. To support them, we’re raising funds to provide all the essential items they might need. 

This includes not only food and produce but also other critical supplies that can help make their lives more comfortable and secure amidst the turmoil of war. 

Our goal is to ensure that these seniors are not only safe but also have access to the basic necessities that can significantly improve their quality of life during this challenging period.

Serving Warm Meals

A very important initiative we are passionately pursuing involves delivering and serving hot meals to soldiers at their bases. Let’s face it, a delicious, steaming hot meal can be so much more satisfying than a simple can of tuna! 

It’s incredibly rewarding to see the joy and contentment on the faces of these brave fighters as they enjoy a hearty, warm meal. This is a clear example of where your generous contributions have a significant impact. 

It’s crucial to remember that the morale of these soldiers is something we should all care about. By providing them with nutritious and enjoyable meals, we’re not only meeting their physical needs but also boosting their spirits and readiness for duty. Every meal we serve is a way to show them our support and gratitude and to remind them that they are in our thoughts and prayers.

How You Can Contribute Today

Soldiers Amazon Wishlist

Please see the Amazon registry for items needed by our soldiers. Please buy what you can and share this list with as many people as possible.

Donations (Dollars)

These Tax Deductible donations will be allocated to soldiers' units, enabling them to purchase any required items that they can obtain locally in Israel.

Donations (Shekels)

These Tax Deductible donations will be allocated to soldiers' units, enabling them to purchase any required items that they can obtain locally in Israel.

Sponsor an IDF Unit

You also have the option to choose a specific unit to sponsor. Just reach out to our administrators via WhatsApp, and we'll assist you in adding the IDF unit you wish to support to the list of those we are already helping.

Our Heros!

Here’s the most recent news from the soldiers we’re supporting. Please view these images; they frequently send us updates showing how our assistance benefits them. It’s important to realize that all of your contributions are being effectively utilized.

Images From The Front in Israel and the Diaspora!